Owners play a central role in the HCV Program by supplying decent, safe, and sanitary housing for participating families.

Owners and their agents have numerous responsibilities under the program, including screening and leasing to families, maintaining the dwelling unit, enforcing the lease, and complying with various contractual obligations.

Registered owners and managers may access information related to their properties under contract with the HADC through our Owner Portal.

Owner Portal

If you are interested in participating as an owner in the HCV Program, please click here to see Owner Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and learn the how to become a Housing Choice Voucher Owner.

HADC Policy

In order to participate in the HCV Program, owners must accept HAP via direct deposit. In addition, owners must notify the HADC of any changes to their bank accounts. If owners fail to notify the HADC of changes in bank account information, they will be subject to fees and/or penalties for non-compliance.

Owner Contacts

For a quicker response, please use the emails and/or fax numbers below to communicate with departments within the agency.

Description for email Email Address Number

Kentrye Cornelious
Client Services and Inspections/Compliance Manager

Ph: (404) 270-2500

To address inspection-related abatement issues.

Ph: (404) 270-2500

Payment-related issues

Fx: (404) 270-2461

To change email, mailing address, phone, management company, new vendor setup

Fx: (404) 270-2460

To submit HAP contracts and leases

Fx: (404) 270-2462

To schedule inspections and addresses inspection/abatement-related issues

To submit RTAs ONLY.
(Please note that owner/management documents should be emailed to ownerinfo address above.)

Fx: (404) 270-2463